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Luke Cosme

Sales Vice President

I got into the insurance industry completely by accident. I had an internship with People's Energy through college and was slated to enter their Management Training Program upon graduation. The program didn't start until several months after I graduated, so I was sending resumes out to companies to get practice interviewing. North American was one of those companies. After a grueling full day of interviews, the head of HR at North American called and offered me the job, which paid significantly less than the job with People's Energy. It was a tough call.

I chose the job at North American because I liked the people I had met and I liked the idea of learning about something completely new. It was the best choice I ever made. I was in training for two solid months before they ever let me touch a telephone. I learned about the company, the products, how life insurance works—anything that could possibly come up in the course of a call from an agent or client. North American began by training me to answer those calls, but that training benefited me in everything I do, and will continue to benefit me throughout my career. That's one of many reasons I truly love working for North American—it's a company that really invests in you.

People are surprised when they hear that I have worked at North American since the week after I graduated from college. That just doesn't happen anymore. Sure, the benefits are amazing, but that's not why I've stayed. Every day that I come into the office I see people with whom I have worked my entire career. I see people who have helped me learn, have helped me grow and have helped me become the person I am. These people made North American my home. I want to do well by them. I want to show them that their time was well spent. Don't get me wrong—I am proud and competitive, and of course, I want to do well for myself and my family, too. But if that were the only thing motivating me, I would be no different than any other Sales Vice President working for any other company. I believe in North American, because North American believed in me—that's what makes me different.

I believe that our products do good for the people who buy them. I believe that the way we market our products and the way we expect them to be sold is the right way. I believe our Partner Program and the team that supports it is the best the industry has to offer for an agency looking to grow their life business. Serendipity is defined as finding something that you weren't necessarily looking for. I was lucky—I went looking for a job, but found a career and a home at North American. I try to do the same for my Partner Agencies and their agents every day. You may be looking for just another carrier, but what you've found is North American – A Place to Call Home.

Luke Cosme